Standalone Services

We provide a range of services as standalone and in combination.

Editing Manuscript

We edit and proofread book manuscripts to maintain high standard language in English. We check plagiarism and make the book content original. We believe that editing is a crucial part to ensure high recognition of your book content. You cannot compromise on the quality of content.

We edit and proofread books, academic papers, and Ph D thesis papers. For details, please check our services at IndiaMart.

Digital Publishing

We have emerged as the most reliable name in providing optimum and unmatched Digital Publishing Service. We specialize in designing and formatting book for digital publishing and ebook conversion. Our output can be easily used for ePub, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, MOBI, Smashwords and other such self-publishing platforms.


Print-on-Demand or POD is considered as the best solution if you want to test how the sale of your book goes on. You can get a certain number of copies in printed and distribute to various places. We offer customized services for POD targeted at cheaper rate.