You Are Beautiful O! Woman
You Are Beautiful O! Woman
Author: Shekher Srivastava Category: Publisher: Leaf Press Publish: ISBN: 9788193186107 Pages: 248 Pages Country: India Language: English Dimension: 8.5" X 5.5" File Size:

Since time immemorial, the woman has stood the testimony of time. As a mother, as a wife and as a daughter, she has untiringly continued to fulfil her role as defined by God. She has always been man’s beautiful companion and the quite sentinel of his aspirations and ambitions. She has nurtured hope, walking hand-in-hand in every downturn, lending him unwavering support and encouragement, applauding every milestone, big or small. In return, she has never yearned for any appreciation or praise. However, being human, she would be happy to be acknowledged and appreciated, even if they are two kind words. This book is an attempt to write an ode to all women acknowledging them for who they are, why they are and what they are. Towards giving her the pedestal she deserves, the book describes and explains “Wumanity” as the basis of love and life as the basis that has forever fostered a benevolent, humane and socially responsible society. It recognizes that there was a purpose why God created the woman.

About the Author

Shekher is a spontaneous writer who has been writing poems and articles as a hobby. One of his poems The Spirit of a Woman written in March 2009 on Women’s Day, which won many accolades, ultimately became the perspective for the book. This is his first book.