Get Published

Leaf Press provides end-to-end publishing solutions from editing and proofreading, manuscript editing, book cover designing, to publishing books and anthologies with ISBN. All this at a very competitive cost. Our price is more than 50% less than what it is with other publishers.

We don’t divide our services in different packages as many other publishers do. We have a single and complete publishing system.

Our price is 50% cheaper than any other self publishers in India.

Pre-publishing Services

  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Book cover & layout designing
  • Issue ISBN
  • Create ISBN Barcode
  • Printing

Post-publishing Services

  • Distribution and sale
  • Enlist book with popular book stores including Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  • Enlisting book with more than 50 online bookstores in digital, POD, print formats.
  • Runs a ‘Make Author Known’ campaign (Our most popular campaign)